Guard Thwarts Armored Truck Robbery Outside Williamsburg Deli


Don’t come between a security guard and his breakfast. The New York Post reports of a struggle earlier this morning between a masked assailant and a security guard outside of East Williamsburg’s Late Night Deli on Metropolitan and Olive Street (the Post incorrectly reported it as Oliver St, which is on the Lower East Side and has a fairly decent Chinese place).

When the gunman tried to commandeer the guard’s armored truck, the guard — also armed — fought back. A shot was fired from the mugger’s gun (nobody was injured), and the assailant ran off with the guard’s weapon. Two minutes later, the guard ran into the deli, asking them to call the cops.

All of this is to say, when you’re mugging a guy, make sure he’s not a paid security guard with a weapon. And definitely don’t mug him when he’s just eaten. Nobody’s that heartless.

The cops are looking for the mugger, who is described as in his 20s and wearing dark clothing.

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