More Adult Men Are Living With Their Mommies and Daddies


Here is a reason to check upstairs when you’re hanging out in the well-appointed basement pad of your new man friend. He might actually be living with his parents. According to a new Census Bureau study, nearly one in five men in their late 20s and early 30s — late 20s and early 30s — are living with their parents, a number that’s risen from 14 to 19 percent in the past six years. Is this terrible? Do we judge them for doing so? Well, not completely. After all, the job market is tough, there’s this whole lingering recession thing, and mom’s macaroni and cheese really is the best. Nobody else makes it like that! (We draw the line at our man friends also wearing adult diapers, however. We’re seriously putting our foot down.)

Will the presumably diaper-free Max Green, the 32-year-old former casino manager quoted in the New York Post as having moved back in with his parents into their Gramercy Park apartment in August, have any luck in getting a date? Well, 10 percent of women aged 24 to 34 are living at home, too, so maybe. But in a city like New York, where, you know, roommate options are available, at the very least, we say: Check Craigslist and hope that your parents don’t post ads there.

Also, if you find yourself in an uncomfortable parental walk-in situation, pretend like you have no idea who they are and call the cops. It’s a hilarious story to share with the extended fam at Thanksgiving!

Mama’s boys on the rise [NYP]

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