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Park Slope Sex Survey Will Show the Kinkier Side to the Slope (That Means Train Sex) | Village Voice


Park Slope Sex Survey Will Show the Kinkier Side to the Slope (That Means Train Sex)


Our friends over at Fucked in Park Slope are busily compiling answers to their second annual sex survey. Having something of an interest in such things — intellectually speaking, of course — we were curious about what this year’s results might tell us. We talked to the two contributors who created the survey, Meredith and Vee, to get an update on the state of sex in Park Slope (FYI: “People in Park Slope care about sex, or at least they want to know how often their neighbors are getting it on”) and to get a little teaser, if you will, as to what we can expect when the official results come out next week.

How did you come up with the survey questions?
Meredith: I wanted to ask things about which I was genuinely curious, based on my own experiences. For example, I’ve hooked up with people from the neighborhood, but it’s been mostly by chance, not because I was seeking them out at a bar or something. I wanted to know if that was the case for most people, or if prospects for singles are so desolate here that people don’t even try, and head out to another ‘hood immediately. Or if there’s really some hot, secret sex club to which I need to be privy immediately.

Vee: We spend so much time online (even taking the sex survey!) that we wanted to know how people in the Slope get physical. The neighborhood seems to be divided between the married with children population and the younger single crowd. I wanted to know, where do they go to get laid? If you’re single, do you have to leave the neighborhood for a little action? Or is Saturday night at Union Hall a sure-fire way to seal the deal?

What kind of responses are you getting? Anything unexpected or really crazy?
Vee: The responses vary. Some of our readers really came through with details on their juiciest sexual escapades. Without giving anything away, certain someones like to perform certain sexual acts in certain public parks and train platforms. It’s also interesting to see how many of Slopers are sexually deprived.

How would you describe the state of sex in Park Slope? Do you think it’s different than sex elsewhere in the city?
Meredith: You don’t need detective certification to identify that Park Slope is pinned as the family neighborhood — but it is for a reason. Many, many people here are married or in serious, long-term relationships. It’s the kind of place wherein you feel guilty even giving someone The Eye before checking for a ring. So, I think it’s a bit more of an uphill battle if you really are trying to make hookups happen for yourself within the neighborhood, especially because we don’t have the true “singles spots” like the LES, Williamsburg, or even Carroll Gardens do. I don’t think we singles are desperate, though; you’d see us in very specific places outside of Slope if we were.

Besides singles, though, sex is also different here because we definitely do have married couples who swing, or unhappy married people who are looking to stray with the parent of their child’s playgroup friend, and a high concentration of lesbians, so things are definitely happening behind closed doors. Also, surprisingly, there’s a lot of F train and around-Slope Missed Connections actions. Of course, I can’t attest to how successful they’ve been besides my own (three and counting, two on the F train in Slope [ed: missed connections, that is]), but that definitely speaks to the fact that people are interested in making things happen with each other — we just may have to take a different route.

Vee: I say the state of sex in Park Slope has a fighting chance. It’s obviously important to people, whether they’re married with kids or single and on the prowl. People in the neighborhood seem to be open minded about sex. As for singles, aside from spending time at corner bar, they’re also on OKCupid looking for partners.

When will the results of the survey be posted?
Vee: We’ll start posting results next week. Read it! You’ll see the kinkier side to Park Slope. It’s not just about bugaboos and fanatical dog poop policing.

In possible related sex querying, the Frisky asks today, “Sex Toy Or Kitchen Utensil?” Unfortunately, we don’t really cook.

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