Real Estate’s “It’s Real” Video Proves That Dogs Are Just As Internet-Adorable As Cats


Presented for your Friday-afternoon viewing pleasure: The canine-centric video for Real Estate’s chiming, charming “It’s Real,” in which an afternoon of looking back on the finest moments in an adorable puppy’s life (via home movies that have just the right nostalgically gauzy filter applied to them) turns into a veritable dogapalooza. It’s so adorable, it had me typing in “” almost immediately after my first view was done. I know, I know, putting adorable animals in your music video is an easy way to reel people in, but come on. Dogs! They’re so cute and lovable and dependable and… OK, I could go on, so just watch the video below.

In the wake of SOTC contributor Christopher Weingarten’s Hipster Puppies project being quiet, this’ll more than do.


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