Ryan Phillippe As Carol Channing?


I mean Channing Tatum.

I mean Channing McClaren!

You see, some friends and I happened to be passing by New World Stages last night when we saw these posters outside and squealed, “Ooh! Ryan Phillippe — Reese’s ex and the divoonly good-looking star of Flags of Our Fathers and Crash — is in a new live show right here in Hell’s Kitchen!

“How do we get tickets?”

But we found out it actually was a set used for a TV shooting.

It’s for Damages, the Glenn Close series in which Ryan just taped an episode as Channing McClaren, “the iconoclastic founder of a website dedicated to corporate and government transparency.”

In other words, he plays an even cuter version of the WikiLeaks guy.

And if he ever takes that act to a stage, I will be there so fast that my body parts will be WikiLeaking!

P.S.: Jenna Elfman appears in the same episode. Still moist?

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