The Noble Rot Returns, Now a Little More Californian


He’s baaack. For the past six months, Noble Rot founder Jonny Cigar has been sowing his oats (grapes) over in Napa Valley. He did a stint working in the cellar at Alpha Omega Winery, spent a little time pouring wines at Swanson Vineyards, and whiled away a whole lot of hours tasting and talking vino.

On November 10, he’s bringing his experiences and stories back to New York with a celebration of his triumphant return: The Noble Rot presents a 2011 Harvest Party.

Mr. Cigar will be regaling the audience with tales of his tenure and pouring five wines that he had a hand in creating — a pinot grigio, merlot, chardonnay, cabernet, and a surprise bottle. Each taste will be a full glass, not the thimble-size that you sometimes get at a wine tasting.

The Noble Rot has a long-held relationship with pop-up eatery Y-I-Eat-N, and they’ll be on hand, serving up some snacks and tacos, including a pork carnitas and vegetarian version. Tickets are $65 and can be purchased through the website The location will be kept under wraps until the last minute, but note that it’s somewhere in Brooklyn.