The Week in Food Blogs: Peking Duck, Pretentious Restos, DJs Who Dine


This week in food blogs:

Eater went duck-crazy with a plethora of amazing Peking-duck facts.

Grub Street learned that Jim Meehan has no shortage of caffeine to counteract the effects of his daily cocktails.

Zagat Buzz delivered its eight favorite pizzas in the city.

Serious Eats offered up 30 of its favorite New York sandwiches.

Food Republic got its groove on with DJ Week. Haven’t you ever wondered what they’re munching on in that booth?

Midtown Lunch celebrated the triumphant return of Jamaican Dutchy to the hood.

Diner’s Journal suggested you get a jump on T-Day with a few make-ahead dishes.

Chowhound admitted that, sure, Romera is pretentious. At least it’s not pretending to be anything else.

The Daily Meal rounded up 10 high-end restaurants that do takeout.

The Feast gave us its best deals for your post-NYC Marathon meal.