Occupy Wall Street Arrests in Foley Square; Greek PM to Resign; NYC Marathon


“At least 20” marchers were arrested yesterday as Occupy Wall Street protesters took to Foley Square. The New York Times City Room blog says the marchers “split into two groups, with about 200 on the sidewalk outside the court buildings and a larger group across the street on a large pedestrian island.” Police and protesters argued about the legality of arresting people on a public sidewalk, as the NYPD had encouraged demonstrators to stay on the sidewalk and avoid roadways during previous marches. [NYT]

Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou will resign after a new coalition government is formed. The current government is being dissolved due to economic catastrophe in Greece and the ongoing euro zone crisis. CNN reports, “The new government will have a life of four months… and elections will be held in early spring.” Today’s Cabinet meeting will be Papandreou’s last as prime minister. [CNN]

The New York Marathon is underway. It’s too late to run, but here is a map if you want to go watch. If you want to avoid the mess, go here for a list of street closures. [NYC Marathon]

The number one college football team in the country beat the number two squad last night as LSU took down Alabama 9-6. The game went into overtime after the schools only notched two field goals apiece during regulation, and LSU sealed the win with a final kick between the uprights. It’s the first time two top-ranked schools have met in the regular season since 2006’s Ohio State-Michigan matchup, and according to ESPN, the LSU-Alabama contest “will go down as the second-lowest scoring No. 1 vs. No. 2 game in the 75-year history of the AP poll.” [ESPN]

Expect a crisp, sunny day today, with highs in the mid-fifties. [TWC]

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