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Alleged Subway Groper Turned in by Brother After Being Beaten Up by Victim


Remember Shyane DeJesus, the feisty gal who punched the crap out of her subway groper on October 23, on the platform (and then the train) at Union Square? The alleged groper has been caught! In a further dramatic twist, he was busted thanks to his estranged brother. The two “just don’t get along,” law enforcement said the brother, who also provided the alleged attacker’s home address, told them. That info led to Froylan Andrade’s arrest, reports the New York Post.

Earlier in the week, thanks surely in part to the media attention after DeJesus beat up Andrade after he groped her, a tipster had alerted cops that Andrade worked at Spring Street Natural on weekends. He wasn’t around, though a manager said he looked like an employee and introduced them to the brother, who spilled the information on his whereabouts.

Last night Andrade was picked up by detectives from his home in Elmhurst and identified in a lineup by DeJesus.

Aspiring subway pervs, be forewarned. It’s hard to recover from this sort of thing.

Alleged Union Square groper caught after brother gives cops his address [NYP]
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