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Couple Marries on Mile 22 of the New York City Marathon


Perhaps you spent yesterday in your pj’s, surrounded by boxes of pizza. Or maybe you put on your Saturday pants and ventured about, cheering for marathoners and throwing them bananas and bagels (be more careful next time, you could put someone’s eye out!). But whatever you did, we’re pretty sure you are in a very small minority if you put on your sporty/fancy wedding clothes, ran a marathon, and, in so doing, got hitched. You are in an even smaller minority if you officiated that wedding. But these people did.

Mary and Raymond Donaldson were wed on the 22nd mile, and, of course, they met while running, though not on this particular jaunt. (That would be moving way too fast.) Mary beat Ray by a second. You go girl. The minister, “Greg,” who ran along, is apparently an Iron Man. You go, boy.

Congratulations everyone who ran, married, single, or whatever the case may be. We really are proud of you, and are eating cold pasta alone in our bathrobes in your honor.

Video: Couple Gets Married While Running NYC Marathon [Gothamist]

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