How Does J. Edgar Handle The Gay Stuff?


Clint Eastwood‘s film about FBI tough guy J. Edgar Hoover (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) is almost upon us, and already there’s word about how the gay content we’ve long heard about is treated, if at all.

Says Todd McCarthy in his Hollywood Reporter review:

“[J. Edgar] was also a fastidious, self-righteous public tough guy who lived with his mother until she died and may or may not have been intimately involved with his longtime partner and professional second in command, Clyde Tolson, portrayed here in excellent, if rather glamorized fashion by Armie Hammer.

“The truth about the domestic relationship is probably forever unknowable, but the way the homoerotic undertones and impulses are handled is one of the best things about the film; the emotional dynamics, given all the social and political actors at play, feel entirely credible, and DiCaprio and Hammer excel during the exchanges of innuendo, covert desire, recriminations, and mutual understanding.”

Sounds like the movie presents a slightly blurry, covert, innuendo-laden guesstimate of things that were already pretty blurry, covert, and innuendo-laden to begin with, in a sort of unknowable way.

Still, I plan to go to the theater naked in a trenchcoat.

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