Needed: Restaurant Sign Spell Check


“Mixcan” must have been the way Davy Crockett said it as Santa Ana’s armies were bearing down on the Alamo.

Menu misspellings are common enough; indeed Fork in the Road did a catalog of them last year. But you see misspelled signs, too, on restaurants and vending carts. Here are some of our favorites, encountered over the last couple of months.

You’ve heard of that ancient East European standard “Lazania,” right?

I’m truly flattered, but don’t you mean “Loyal”?

“Gude” must be much better than just “Good.”

OK, maybe this misspelling is intentional, but we’re sending the spell-checkers anyway!

I’m going to order this, but ask them to hold the “Leather Jacket.”

Maybe this sign on a gelato cart in Queens deserves an award for best phonetic spellings.

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