A One-Two Punch For The Oscars


The Oscars desperately need to get some glory back after their last dismal telecast.

But when they announced Eddie Murphy as a host, we all wondered, “Isn’t he on a bit of a career slide? Is he really the kind of piping-hot star they need right now?”

Besides, don’t Eddie’s hideous homophobic remarks linger painfully in the memory, along with his cloudy explanations for his bouts of personal behavior?

Well, it turns out Eddie’s new movie, Tower Heist, didn’t have a wow of an opening weekend, continuing his anti-ascendance streak.

It’s hardly a disaster, but Heist‘s $24.03 million opening was “way down from Norbit,” according to

Way down from Norbit?

And now the director of Tower Heist, Brett Ratner (above), disgraced himself by giving a Q&A after a screening and telling the assembled, “Rehearsing is for fags.”

Ratner apologized, claiming there isn’t a prejudiced bone in his body, and the Academy quickly accepted his apology rather than dump him as Oscar producer and find someone better suited to showbiz (and humanity).

Oh, yeah — did I mention Ratner’s the producer of the Oscars???

Hosted by Eddie Murphy?

I smell a turd.

No longer will they joke that this is the Gay Olympics.

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