Grit N Glory Serving Up SCRATCHbread Goodies, No WiFi


The Lower East Side already has a rock ‘n’ roll tapas bar. And now it has a rock ‘n’ roll café, too. Guess it’s one way for the gentrified neighborhood to reclaim its gritty legacy.

Grit N Glory, a coffee-bar-slash-boutique, is the brainchild of two former rockers, Emily Conley and Veronica Cano. In addition to Stumptown coffee, the café is peddling SCRATCHbread baked goods, including shortbread and buttercream brownies. Grit N Glory has opted to take the no-Wi-Fi approach, offering board games and encouraging creative interchanges instead. While you won’t be able to shop online, you can buy just about any of the artwork displayed. There are also items like a cigarette necklace and “No Class” ring for sale. Stumptown beans go for a steep $14 per bag.

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