Madonna Gets Back In Time With “Give Me All Your Love”


Earlier today snippets—totaling 24 seconds—of Madonna’s newest single, entitled “Give Me All Your Love” and scheduled to serve as an amuse for her forthcoming 12th album, hit the web, causing amateur popmusicologists to scramble for meaning. (Lots of people went the “ooh trending on Twitter!!” route, which at least sidesteps the stone-soup blogger ideal of creating a fully blown narrative out of the most infinitesimal materials.) A demo version of the song’s since leaked in full, and it certainly does feel like Madonna’s trying to reach back to the pre-glass-towers-on-the-Bowery era; not only does she name-drop “Lucky Star” at one point during the manic tune, the chorus brings to mind the True Blue deep cut “Jimmy Jimmy.” (True Blue! What an undersung album in the Madonna catalog, no?) Even the nods to the present are rooted in the past; for whatever reason, the now-requisite “dubstep” breakdown sounds like it was crafted by manipulating copies of the ColecoVision edition of Donkey Kong. Perhaps that tinniness will be rectified in the full version? .

The song will probably leak in full this week, what with Madonna being scheduled for all these public appearances (in case you don’t have plans and want to get a glimpse, she’s judging a dance contest at Roseland on Saturday night). Mostly I’m hoping that her reunion with Ray Of Light producer William Orbit for this album means we’ll get another song as gorgeous as “Frozen,” and nothing as embarrassing as the Pharrell-assisted “Candy Shop.”



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