Melissa McCarthy Tells Me About The Bridesmaids Stomach Cramps Scene


The hilarious Melissa McCarthy hosted an event last night for the reinvention of Ivory, which we talked about in between covering slightly more insouciant things.

Like, hasn’t Bridesmaids been wrongly labeled “a gross-out comedy” when there was basically just that one poopy-in-the-sink (and in Maya Rudolph‘s case, in-the-street) scene?

“Yeah, I don’t view it that way at all,” agreed Melissa (who recently won an Emmy for Mike & Molly).

“We weren’t doing that scene as gross-out.

“To us, it was a horror scene — when the worst imaginable thing happens!”

I.e., you find yourself saying “I doo-doo.”

We went on to talk about the pressures on today’s parents to be as perfect as our own parents were, and I cracked, “Well, thank you for leveling the playing field.”

“You mean with my poor parenting skills?” she said, laughing.

I should have washed her mouth out with Ivory right there.

The truth is, Melissa is actually the best mom around, except — I mean especially — in those rare moments when she insists on pudding as a main course.

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