Nine Questions For Kim Fowley, MC Of This Weekend’s Norton Records Anniversary Spectacular


While it goes without saying that the main attraction of this weekend’s Norton Records 25th Anniversary All-Star Spectacular is the fine garage/punk/R&B sounds that will be blaring from The Bell House, the chance to see the mind-blowing music industry subversive Kim Fowley playing master of ceremonies for the shebang is more than reason enough to go. Legendarily loony, mysteriously evasive, and talented beyond even his own boasting. Fowley began his music odyssey making novelty tunes in the mid-’60s and managed and produced a massive mound of acts (including, most famously, the Runaways); to this day, he continues to cook up ideas and songs from his Los Angeles home. A couple of years back, Norton released two albums of unearthed 1959-69 Fowley-produced madness—titled One Man’s Garbage and Another Man’s Gold—but he’s got more than enough fun, frivolity, and fury left in 2011, as his answers to the 10 questions we posed him can attest.

1. Name the five best recordings you’ve been involved with.
The Renegades, “Geronimo”

The Runaways, “Wasted”

The Belfast Gypsies, “Secret Police”

Brianna Garcia, “Tick Tock”

Burning Bones, “Nightmares Painted Blue”

2. Name rock’s top five asses (as in behinds, butts—not, you know, asses) of the last 20 years.
Vikki Razorblade (Venus & The Razorblades)
Brianna Garcia
Snow Mercy

3. Why do you love Norton Records?
Because they pay me promptly, without drama.

4. What are some of your favorite Norton releases? And will there be more Fowley stuff coming on Norton?
Everything. Gene Vincent, Arch Hall Jr., The Midniters.
When I am dead I am sure Norton will reissue all my vinyl treasures, because they can.

5. What are your plans for the Norton Festival?
Eating plenty of grease.

6. If you had to pick a food that would best describe you, what would it be?

7. What did you think of the Runaways movie, and of Michael Shannon‘s portrayal of you?
The movie is a night-time soap opera, and Michael Shannon is God.

8. Can you give me a good story from the English Disco days/nights?
We all had sex with dirty girls in the ice box.

9. What are you currently working on?
Neon Graveyard, Masters Of Distaster, Burning Bones, Brianna Garcia.

Norton Records’ 25th Anniversary All-Star Spectacular takes place at the Bell House from Thursday through Sunday; all shows are sold out. Kim Fowley reads from his book Tall Cool One on Friday night in the Bell House’s front room.

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