A Better Life Tackles Our Troubled Immigration Policy


A Better Life is Chris Weitz‘s finely done neorealistic film about a Mexican immigrant’s poignant attempts to build a better life for his son in L.A.

At a luncheon yesterday, Weitz (About a Boy) told me that nobdy wants to talk about the problems with the immigration system.

Except the Republican candidates, he added, “who are falling over themselves to say the worst things about undocumented immigrants. Now that Osama is inconveniently dead, they’ve seized upon illegals as the threat.”

“It’s false economics,” he went on, “because big business loves illegal immigrants. I hate to say this, but the guys taking the plates away here or filling the water glasses are doing the jobs your average American doesn’t want to do.”

“You mean that busboy over there is illegal?” I asked, eyes popping.

“I’m not gona ask,” said Weitz, a charmer. “I go with ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ when it comes to this.”

P.S.: His mother happens to be Susan Kohner from Imitation of Life! And she was there! I asked!

And when Rutanya Alda (Carol Ann from Mommie Dearest) told Chris that Imitation of Life is a terrific five-hankie film, he corrected, “Six hankie.”

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