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After a Decade, MTA Will Say ‘Sorry’ Instead of ‘Be Patient’


Telling someone to be patient on the subway, or really, anywhere, has the unfortunate result of making them more impatient than ever, and sort of pissed off, actually, the MTA has learned. Thus, the “infuriating” announcements asking folks to please be patient are being ditched in favor of an apology for the inconvenience. Some other messages, in an advanced psychological manipulation move compliments of your mother, thank people for their patience ahead of time, reports the New York Post.

Apparently the “be patient” messages started in the late ’90s, meaning that people have been very, very, very patient.

“Over the years, we have received some complaints from customers, who interpreted the messages as an admonishment,” said Kevin Ortiz, an MTA spokesman.

The new messages have been implemented systemwide, though there might be a few trains that don’t have the update. Please be patient with them. (These jokes. They write themselves.)

MTA finally gets it: ‘Patience’ wears thin [NYP]

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