Ben Ehrenreich Reads From Ether, November 8 and 9


Ben Ehrenreich, author of The Suitors and a onetime Village Voice contributor, recently published his dark and perceptive new novel Ether, which centers on The Stranger, a bearded man in a stained white suit. He wanders through a drab world of junkyards, shanties, and cameras in the walls, scrambling to find a way back to his former position of power. The people in this world live in listless isolation, and most engage in violent acts against both each other and The Stranger because there’s not much else to do. But small moments, like a deaf woman’s discovery of a rainbow-winged hummingbird and a homeless boy’s bouncing on a trampoline, postpone their descent into hopelessness.

Ehrenreich will read from Ether this Tuesday at St. Mark’s Bookshop with Frederic Tuten (Tintin in the New World), and Wednesday at Bookcourt with fellow City Lights author Susan Daitch (Paper Conspiracies).

Tuesday, November 8, 7 p.m.,
St. Mark’s Bookshop, 31 Third Avenue,

Wednesday, November 9, 7 p.m,
163 Court Street, Brooklyn,