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Bill Clinton Is the Latest Target of Holly Van Voast’s Topless Campaign


This is becoming something of a trend, the inaugural Holly Van Voast boob-flash outside of the good old Barnes & Noble book signing. Just last week, Bill Cosby found himself surprised by the breasts of Van Voast. But the latest flashing was quite the coup: Bill Clinton, former U.S. president, author, Secret Service-protected man was about town to promote his new book, Back to Work.

Van Voast’s strategy this time ended up being topless from the get-go (after all, it’s legal) and lying in wait. And then, Brandon Stanton reports on his blog, Humans of New York, the photo op happened.

Of course, Van Voast’s purpose in going topless is to make it something OK and generally accepted for women to do, and, the more she keeps flashing people outside of Barnes & Noble (we hear Mindy Kaling was recently flashed, too), the less shocking it becomes, though we’re not sure it’s exactly the right tack for topless appreciation and awareness. Maybe a pamphlet or two would help.

As for shocking things, Bill Clinton’s hair, now, when did it get so white!?

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