FOOD ARCHIVES, Verizon Help Americans Become Fatter and Lazier with TV-Based Food Ordering


​If you prefer to suck on the Taco Bell sauce packs that have been on the coffee table for months rather than to interrupt 30 seconds of TV to order in, Fork in the Road has some good news for you. and Verizon have announced a partnership that enables FiOS consumers in New York, Boston, and Philadelphia to request food delivery straight from their televisions, according to a press released posted Wednesday on MarketWatch.
The remote-control-based service, however, will not eliminate users’ well-deserved sense of shame.
The product has been billed as part of “today’s digital home lifestyle,” though marketing it toward bedsore-ridden troglodytes would probably be just as fitting.
From MarketWatch: “FiOS customers can order food by clicking on the ‘Widgets’ button on their FiOS TV remote control … by selecting ‘Food Delivery’ on their television, users will gain access to’s local restaurants through which they can order an array of cuisines by browsing available items and adding them to a cart for purchase. The local restaurant is notified, the food is delivered and charges the credit card associated with the user’s Verizon Concierge account for the order.”’s CEO, Jed Kleckner, has also boasted about the device’s ease, saying it caters to “the demands for convenience that people have come to expect in their everyday lives.”
Skynet, anyone?