Emergency Alert System Test to Ruin TV for 30 Whole Seconds Today


Don’t forget, as Nick explained this weekend, that today brings something unprecedented and horrifying in the wake of yesterday’s asteroid, which didn’t hit us, whew, though we were forced to hide out in a dark, underground bar all night just in case. Today at 2 p.m., the first-ever nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System, conducted jointly by the FCC, FEMA, Homeland Security, and the National Weather Service, will occur. We are on pins and needles.

Originally this groundbreaking test had been scheduled for a harrowing three-and-a-half minutes, interrupting key moments in True Life: I Have a Hot Mom. Fortunately after people claimed that such a long alert could cause panic (over missing key moments in True Life: I Have a Hot Mom!) the test has been limited to just 30 seconds, which means important early plot elements will remain decipherable if we all put our thinking caps on.

Along with TV, radio and satellite radio will also be interrupted. We’ll make it through this, you guys, just like we did with the New York City hurricane/earthquake/time we forgot to buy coffee and had to drink tea. Hold one another. It will be OK.


“We’re asking everyone to join us by spreading the word to your neighbors, co-workers, friends and family… please remember: don’t stress; it’s only a test,” FEMA said in a blog post.

Since you’re likely to be looking at the Internet anyway and not even watching TV today at 2 p.m., this is your reminder. Don’t stress. It’s only a test.

There’s plenty more about the test here, but rest assured, we covered the key bits.

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