I Have A Great Idea For A Reality Show!


It’s called The Big Celebrity Get-Off.

Picture this:

A panel of three celebrity murderers who got off — O.J. Simpson, Casey Anthony, and Robert Blake — advises someone charged with murder on how to nab a “not guilty” verdict.

O.J. tells them how to convince the jury that the cops put a mountain of DNA evidence in your vehicle.

Casey instructs the person on how to come up with a whole new excuse after two years of lying, suddenly remembering that the victim drowned and was disposed of.

And Blake tells you how to go back to the restaurant to get the gun you left there, only to find, hey, that someone else has shot your wife!

And all three will impress you with the importance of not taking the stand and answering any questions! That’s a no-no! Don’t speak, idiot!

Leave the orations to your shyster legal team.

Meanwhile, the jury will consist of disgraced reality stars who are currently living down their own crimes and are anxious to create a less punitive environment by helping others evade punishment.

Every week, a whole new murderer cons their way back into society, thanks to these three manipulative barbarians who got lucky (and Dr. Conrad Murray is not invited, by the way).

In one episode, Casey and Blake might even help get O.J. out of his robbery charge and bust him out of jail!

This thing could kill.

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