White Teens Booze More; Ha’chi Shuttered?


​A new survey reveals that white teens are more likely to try drugs and alcohol than African Americans and Asians of the same age. The study also reports that at least 48 percent of Native American teens have abused drugs or alcohol.

[NY Daily News]

Patrons of Nonna’s are undeterred by the Lower East Side pizzeria’s slipping sanitation grade, which recently dropped from a perfect score to a “C.”

[DNA Info]

Ha’chi Restaurant & Lounge, an aspirational Japanese eatery on Orchard Street, appears to have breathed its last.

[Bowery Boogie]

Residents of Atlanta and other cities in Georgia voted Tuesday to OK Sunday package alcohol sales. Now, only Indiana and Connecticut have statewide blue laws.

[Atlanta Journal-Constitution]

Twelve libraries in northern Illinois will allow delinquent borrowers to pay overdue fees with donations to area food banks.

[News Tribune]