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Literally Minuscule Shoebox Apartment Still Costs $1K a Month | Village Voice


Literally Minuscule Shoebox Apartment Still Costs $1K a Month


Curbed has rounded up some of the tiniest, shittiest little apartments in America. One of them is in New York City — who would have thought? The apartment is on West 71st Street and is about 100 square feet. And it still costs a grand per month. At least the listing is honest:

Tiniest apartment ever – but SO very worth it!

– This apartment is so small, you can’t have three friends over at the same time; one of you will have to wait outside in the hall.

– It’s so small you can’t gain weight once you move in.

– It’s so small there’s a bumper on the front door to keep it from hitting the back wall.

– It’s so small you have to move the bed just to open and close the front door.

– It’s about 100sf, with the main room perhaps 7′ x 10′, plus a bathroom, NO KITCHEN OR STOVE, and the shower next to the sink. And fortunately, only this bullet point is true.

Then there’s a whole “But!” section that attempts to make up for it. Can anything make up for a 100-square-foot apartment with no kitchen, though?

We have a bit of an obsession with tiny apartments here at Runnin’ Scared. Remember this man with the 78-square-foot apartment in Midtown? At least this new one has a bathroom, though it is $200 more per month than the really tiny one. In conclusion, none of these apartments are any good. Move to Brooklyn!

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