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M. Wells To Sell Tourtières for Thanksgiving | Village Voice


M. Wells To Sell Tourtières for Thanksgiving


Doesn’t this look better than a dry turkey?

Though M. Wells, the Long Island City diner, is now a memory, some of its traditions live on. One is the making of rustic Quebec seasonal pies come holiday time. These were at one time one of the more spectacular entrées on the M. Wells menu. Part of the fun was the unpredictable combination of meat they contained. Another was the perfect, sculptured pastry that enfolded them.

These pies will once again be made available this year, to be ordered in advance for $30, and delivered frozen on Saturday, November 19, at the Brooklyn Flea’s Smorgasburg. For an additional $5, containers of cranberry ketchup and brown gravy — the pie’s natural accompaniments — will be made available.

The pies are promised to contain a shifting roster of meats, including things like pork, beef brisket, venison, and guinea hen, in addition to mushrooms, potatoes, wine, and beer. (Is you mouth watering, yet?)

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