R. Kelly’s Book Might Be In Limbo, But He Has A New Song


R. Kelly took the publicity storm engendered by the news of his possibly upcoming memoir Soulacoaster to release a song via his Twitter account. The track’s titled “Shut Up,” and it’s dedicated to those people who doubted that he’d be able to come back… from the emergency throat surgery he underwent in July. Well, first he thanks his fans, and God, and how focused his doctors were. But then he gets into the “negative shit” that surrounded him while he was in recovery, getting a couple of digs in at one singer who, despite being compared to him, doe not have his innate baby-making energy. People who called him “washed up” and done are also enter his melismatic crosshairs. And, oh yeah, he can still sing; he shows off his still-existent ability to get off a falsetto lick or two here and there, and at one point imitates a whippoorwill. (Swear.) Clip below.

Earlier, a tweet from Kells’ account claimed that Soulacoaster, the memoir that we reported on yesterday, would be out in Spring 2012. So, you know, mark your calendars!


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