The 10 Lamest Things Party Promoters Do


You’ve already read my amazing column about why I hate nightlife.

Well, now promoter Daniel Nardicio, who’s been the victim of other people’s bad party pushing, wants to share his pain about that:

His list of no-nos:

(1) Sending text messages that say, “Hey! I haven’t seen you in a while! Come to my party.” But they’re mass texts they send out to everyone!

(2) Calling Wednesday “humpday” and thinking it’s clever and funny.

(3) Using “cum” instead of “come” and thinking it’s sexy — it’s not.

(4) Promising “naked” dancers, but really it’s guys in underwear. Naked is naked.

(5) Calling something an “underwear party,” yet when you get there it’s 20 people in clothes and one skinny dude the bartender talked into getting into his undies for a free drink.

(6) Calling anything an “underwear party.” Leave that to professionals. Throw what you know. I don’t throw bear parties for a reason.

(7) Calling anything “So You Think You Can …” Or “—– Idol”. Done a million times before. Get a new gimmick. NEXT!

(8) Alliteration. This is the #1 offender of lazy promoters and bar owners and it makes me sad to the core. Thirsty Thursdays! Wacky Wednesdays! Freaky Fridays! Sinful Saturdays! Now that I’ve pointed this one out, you’ll see it’s everywhere! It’s awful!

(9) Promoting to me (#1 rule — don’t promote to other promoters). If you sold Avon, would you hit up your local Avon Lady?? Methinks not!

(10) Not going to your own events! How I loathe being begged to go to another promoter’s event, only to find out he isn’t even there! If your party isn’t good enough for YOU to go to, why should we???


Oh, and: (11) Don’t mess with Daniel Nardicio!

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