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Which Was the Worse Gaffe: Herman Cain’s “Princess Nancy” or Rick Perry’s Dementia?


These Republican debates are getting more bizarre every week, and last night, we were treated to not one but two epic moments. Herman Cain, the one time Godfather’s Pizza CEO and implausible front runner in primary poling for the GOP nomination, has been on the ropes the past couple of weeks for, as Gloria Allred crudely put it, offering “his idea of a stimulus package” to female colleagues.

With woman after woman coming forward to charge him with sexual harassment, calling the previous Speaker of the House “Princess Nancy” may have not been Cain’s best phrasing to show he has respect for professional women.

But perhaps an even more embarrassing moment came when Rick Perry, sober this time but apparently suffering from extreme dementia, couldn’t remember the third department of the federal government he had promised to gut. (For his sake, hopefully it’s not Health and Human Services, which funds the very “brain science” Newt Gingrich was flogging as the answer to lowering health care costs.)

Mitt Romney, who’s been running for president the better part of the past decade, just let the buffoonery speak for itself around him.

The real star of the debate, though, was Jon Huntsman. He showed a human compassion in discussing the economy all the other nominees were sorely lacking, displayed a clear and articulate command of the facts and issues, and showed off a head of presidential hair that, lacking the greasy veneer, is even better than Romney’s. But, given that he supports domestic partnerships, believes in global warming, and seems something of a compassionate sort, he hasn’t got a shot among this bunch.

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