Who Should Be The Oscar Host? Here Are My Picks


Eddie Murphy has followed his homophobic pal Brett Ratner out the gay door, and now the Oscars are starting from square zero again, much like the Democrats did when John Edwards was revealed to have fathered a love child.

So who should swoop in and save the show’s ass?

Naturally, I’m going to stick with my friends as choices.

(1) Keith Olbermann

It would be an Oscars everyone remembers for all time, especially … everyone! The opening monologue alone!

(2) Joan Rivers

She’d be a riot, and she can incorporate Fashion Police into the actual event instead of having to wait till afterward to tear everyone’s outfits apart.

(3) Kathy Griffin

Instead of dissing on reality stars, Kathy can concentrate on dicing up Hollywood biggies — and they’d be forced to take it because they have to sit there and see if they win!

(4) Billy Crystal

Last year, when Billy emerged in the middle of the dismal telecast, the audience greeted him as if Jesus had returned one more time. And though he wasn’t all that funny, he’ll surely sparkle with some good material. We want to see that opening montage again!

(P.S.: No, he’s not a friend, but it feels like he is.)

I’m now hearing that multiple hosts might be the way the show goes, so let’s start booking the above four, plus Whoopi Goldberg and Neil Patrick Harris.

This could be a godsend.

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