A Refuge for Foodies With Legal Problems?


On Journal Square’s main drag in Jersey City, the prominent legal offices of Anise & Anise

After a voluminous meal of dosas, iddlies, and other South Indian brunch items in Jersey City, and groggy from so much food, a friend and I stumbled on the law offices of Anise & Anise. Pretty funny foodie name, right? But does their practice involve viands?

Actually not. There guys specialize in automobile-accident lawsuits, and advertise on TV. They also have another branch in Boca Raton. If you want to call them anyway, dial 1-800-OKLawyer. I guess an OK lawyer is not as good as a good lawyer, but he’ll do.

From the website of their Florida branch, wherein we learn that an attorney and a lawyer are the very same thing:

“When a loved one suffers an automobile accident injury in Florida, it is important the the lawyer (attorney) you hire is an experienced lawyer (attorney) handling automobile accident injury cases in Florida. At Anise & Anise Attorneys at Law we put you in contact with someone with the experience necessary in Florida to handle serious automobile accident injury cases, and the lawyer (attorney) that will work on your case will be a lawyer (attorney) with a significant experience prosecuting a lawsuit involving automobile accident injury cases in Florida.”

My head is spinning!

For clarity of prose, and a foodie-like attention to detail, Fork in the Road awards this wreath. What’s it made of? Anise & Anise & Anise & Anise, and so on …

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