Download: The Mighty Fine’s Sweaty, Greg Dulli-Assisted “Ready To Roar”


The Mighty Fine are Brooklyn’s sweatiest, sexiest, grimiest soul-punks, something Jonathan Toubin would want to will into existence at a humid 4 a.m. loft party. Their latest album Get Up To Get Down (out now via Drug Front) is all the gnash-and-gnarl of the Dirtbombs’ Ultraglide In Black with a little more screaming and some monster Bo Diddley beats. The electric Steve Myers, a New Orleans transplant and former backup singer for the Afghan Whigs, leads the charge with everything from silky caterwauls to vein-popping yelps to lascivious “mmm”s. The three-minute hornball anthem “Ready To Roar” features some guest vocals from his party buddy Greg Dulli, but there’s never any doubt that this is Myers’s show.

Download: The Mighty Fine, “Ready to Roar”

Q&A: The Mighty Fine frontman Steve Myers on “Ready to Roar”

What is “Ready To Roar” about?

Guys stepping out into the night looking for it.

What inspired it lyrically?

Summer 1997 to fall 1998, Greg [Dulli] & myself were both living in New Orleans. Greg was working on both 1965 & the first Twilight Singers records and I was along for the ride. Partying, loving life and getting into trouble.

What inspired it musically?

Decatur Street.

You did backup for the Whigs. How did you hook up with Dulli back in the day?

There’s a few different versions of the story out there. We met on Decatur Street in 1996 and we shared a love of all things NOLA, bounding over good music, southern girls and bourbon. We’ve known each other for over a decade so we pretty much know how to work together in the studio. [“Ready to Roar”] was my first time in the driver’s seat having someone else sing my words but, hey, Greg’s a pro. We knocked it out in about an hour then hit the streets… looking for it.

Handclaps are notoriously the hardest thing to record. How did you get these awesome handclaps?

By making the session into a party. The more hands the better!

What’s the most memorable show you’ve played in NYC?

Yeah that’s a hard one. The Katrina Benefit with TVOTR at Union Pool stands out but I got to say we played the Mermaid Ball on Coney Island once and that show was bonkers! There’s nothing better than playing to a sea of half naked people on a beach ready to dance.

What’s your favorite place to eat in Brooklyn?

The mac and cheese at Huckleberry Bar on Grand Street is a must. Case closed.

The Mighty Fine play at Maxwells on December 3.

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