Ketchup Fountain Not a Publicity Stunt for McDonald’s


The fountain in use. The best part is that it will also cover your hand with ketchup, which you will then have to lick off.

It’s doesn’t pay to stay away from Gizmodo for too long, because you might miss the announcement of really significant inventions, many of them culinary. Such was the case with the recent phenomenon of the ketchup fountain.

There it was in the picture, a viscous cascade of red, surrounded by a phalanx of what were obviously McDonald’s fries. Immediately, our Fork in the Road experts identified this supposed invention as a repurposed chocolate fountain with, presumably, the electric heating element turned off. Really, who wants hot ketchup?

Next, we suspected it was a publicity stunt on the part of McDonald’s, except that the photo was a little crude for the work of professional publicists. On the other hand, publicists often hire employees to respond to negative criticism of their products in the comments sections of blogs, so why not disseminate crude photos on blogs for the sake of publicity?

As it turns out, these paranoid thoughts were false, and a little digging proved the ketchup fountain to be the work of artist Britt Spencer for an exhibition called “The Dagnabit!!!”

Of course, our objections to chocolate fountains (which we hate) still pertain: Who wants to eat from a fountain that everyone has already stuck their nasty fingers in?

Thanks to Jeremy McNamara for the link.

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