Park Slope Sex Survey Confirms: (Most) Park Slopers Have Sex


Last week we wrote about a sex survey going down at Fucked in Park Slope that promised to reveal some interesting things about the neighborhood. Today, part one is out! Turns out the neighborhood has (a few) more women than men, more straight people than otherwise — and nearly a quarter of Park Slopers are single and looking for a relationship.

From FIPS: “While no one is fucking like a rabbit in Park Slope, 51.5% said they have sex one to three times a week. Unfortunately, another 30% have a nonexistent sex life. About one in three readers have had a one night stand in the neighborhood. When it came to ménage à trois, 41.7% said it was a pipe dream. Coordinating schedules (and orgasms) proved to be too much work for 55.3% of the group.”

But what’s really, really interesting are, as promised, an exposure of “trends,” particularly those veering toward the weird (no judgments). Included in the results were acknowledgements of role-playing, strap-on usage, pegging, domination, bondage, sex in public bathrooms, caning, queening, group sex…and more!

Glad to know Park Slopers are so open-minded when it comes to things other than policing dog poop.

This, however, has to be our favorite tidbit:

Ah, modern love.

Part two comes out early next week. Kerri Doherty, Fucked in Park Slope’s managing editor, tells us there will be two parts in total, today’s featuring “juicy sex stuff,” and next week’s on relationships. She says, “Our readers were asked to recommend the best places in Park Slope to pick up single dudes and chicks, so any singles lookin’ to tingle out there may want to pay attention to that part! Readers were also asked to describe the average Park Slope single person. We got some hilarious responses, like ‘Half yuppie, half hipster. Yupster is the term I believe.'”



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