New York

The Best Excuse I Ever Heard


Whenever I throw an event, a tiny fraction of the invitees don’t make it, but they all have plenty of time to later tell you how “under the weather” they were!

One has to merely nod graciously and wonder at the speediness of their recovery.

But one excuse a longtime friend handed me for not attending my recent bash really popped the cobwebs out of my eardrums.

It was a million times more effective than the usual “I had a headache” or “My dog had diarrhea” line of bull.

Said she:

“I was on a plane that was struck by lightning and we had to emergency-land back where we started.

“By time the ordeal was over, your party was history and I was a frazzled mess ready for a looney bin.”

That was truly an amazing excuse — especially since it was true!

I’m going to try it every time I feel like staying home.

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