The Dumbest Thing I’ve Read About Occupy Wall Street


Trolling the gossip boards as I’m wont to do for a living, I came across the dumbest of many idiotic anonymous comments about Occupy Wall Street, the growing grassroots movement that takes aim at the corruption in our financial system and the way it’s wreaked havoc on Americans’ well being.

The commenter had the nerve to dredge up the lazy, old, pathetic barb:

“Why don’t they just get a job?”

On reading this, my jaws dropped along with my chins.

Doesn’t this dumbfuck realize that these people are protesting because you can’t get a job?

Aren’t they aware that unemployment is soaring despite various cosmetic ways to try to bring it down and that massive joblessness, foreclosures, and homelessness have spurred this angry activist reaction as thousands scream for their right to stay alive?

And that no one would spent their lives camped out in a freezing pup tent and marching through the streets yelping for a more responsible economy if they could sit in a plush office and rack up some cash?

Get a life.

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