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The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Has Arrived


Mifflinville, Pennsylvania’s most famous resident has been chopped down and is now in place, “hoisted,” as it were (is that what we’re calling it these days?) and waiting to bring you Christmas joy and excessively festive tidings at Manhattan’s own world holiday (Rockefeller) Center. He/she is 74 feet tall, and hails ethnically from Norway, and spruces. Soon, 30,000 lights and five miles of wire will cover his/her branches. Gorgeous, dahling.

Paps take note! The lighting ceremony will happen on November 30, and will feature special guest stars! For now, you might be able to get a shot of the tree semi-clothed and leak them for fame and fortune, at the cost of your own reputation, of course.

After January 7, like many an aging celebrity, the tree will be milled into lumber and shipped off to charity. Merry almost Christmas; don’t let the door hit you on the trunk on the way out!

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