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Worst ‘Cosmetologist’ Ever Sealed Wounds With Krazy Glue and Paper Towels


Here is a story in contention for the most unpleasant WTF of the day. A New York City cosmetologist (although she was unlicensed, so it’s hard to accurately call her that, even more so when you get to the Krazy Glue part) has been convicted of criminally negligent homicide for injecting silicone into the butt and thighs of Fiordaliza Pichardo and “then sealing her festering wounds with Bounty paper towels and Krazy Glue,” reports the Daily News. Pichardo, who was 43, later died of cardiac arrest.

Afterward, Elsa Then, the “cosmetologist,” tried to tell Pichardo’s daughter that her mom had died because of her smoking habit, the News also reports. Then she fled to the Dominican Republic, where she was arrested a year later. Following her conviction she faces up to four years in prison and has been released on $10,000 bail. She’ll be sentenced next month.

According to the New York Times, Pichardo had been a steady customer of Then’s for years. And,

Doctors initially thought she had pneumonia, but an autopsy showed that silicone had migrated through her bloodstream to her lungs, a rare but deadly side effect of the direct injection of silicone.

Please, ladies and men, if you must get implants, check for a license first, and go to a plastic surgeon. Or don’t get implants at all. Just an idea.

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