Either They Put the Rockefeller Center Tree Up Really Fast, Or This is a Time Lapse Video


In honor of Christmas being merely 41 days away, we present to you the above video of the instillation of Rockefeller Center’s Norway Spruce. Some fun facts about the tree: It’s 74 feet tall, 75 years old, has both a Twitter and Tumblr account, and it’s a fucking tree.

To prove that we are non-denominational here at Runnin’ Scared, bask in the majesty of a time lapse video of a menorah.

While we’re at it, there’s a time lapse video of some guy preparing a Thanksgiving turkey.

Everyone happy? No? Well, what about a time lapse video of two dogs hanging out all day?

Happy holidays!

Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree 2011 [NBC News via Gothamist]

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