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Prank Caller Has Sent Emergency Services to Inwood Couple’s Home Over 150 Times


The world of pranks can be split into two halves: The funny (e.g. fly-in-the-ice-cube gag) and the the unfunny (e.g. regicide). The Daily News has the story of a series of pranks that fall in the latter category. Since last year, Mamadou and Assetou Sy have had the police, fire department, or ambulatory services called to their Dyckman Houses apartment over 150 times. The mystery person has been sending emergency personnel to the couple’s apartment so often, Assetou says, “Every time someone knocks on our door, we say it must be the police.” To whoever keeps doing this to the Sys: Please stop.

The city is not permitted to allow any “Boy Who Cried Wolf” karmic retribution, so whenever somebody reports an emergency, 911 has to send units. This is why a steady stream of emergency personnel flood the Sys’ door.

So far, police haven’t been able to trace the prankster, but they “played for the couple an audio tape of some of the 911 calls.” The Sys didn’t recognize the caller’s voice.

As it stands, all the Sys have been able to do is complain to officials and the Housing Authority. They have been given the option of moving, but NYCHA’s relocation policy could land the couple in any of the five boroughs. Also, they don’t want to to move just because of some nimrod with a phone.

Hopefully the perpetrator will be caught. More importantly, we hope their phone number is released.

Couple is repeat victim of 911 prank calls, have answered door to inquiring cops, fire department over 150 times [NYDN]

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