Robert Maresca Abandons Attempt to Trademark Occupy Wall Street [Update]


The Long Island couple who tried to trademark “Occupy Wall Street” have officially abandoned the idea, according to a document released by The Smoking Gun today. Robert Maresca was the object of near-universal derision for his attempt to cash in on the movement back in October. At the time, he told the Voice‘s Nick Pinto that the idea originated when he started making OWS-themed t-shirts and “I just wanted to protect myself.” Maresca used his wife’s credit card to throw down $975 on the application. It’s not clear whether or not he gets that money back.

A valiant attempt, nonetheless. We’ve reached out to Maresca to find out why he’s turning his back on what would have clearly been a profitable enterprise and will update if we hear back.

Update 3:54 p.m.: We just spoke with Maresca, who said he was surprised at the lack of media attention for his abandonment of the trademark application. “Twenty people descend on you and want to know why you did it, all of a sudden you withdraw it and not one person calls,” he said.

He explained that since Occupy Wall Street had applied to trademark their name, he decided to back off. “As soon as I heard that I was like, no problem,” he said. “I wanted the group to have it.”

But Maresca holds that “the fact of the matter is, I would have been a good person to have it.” As for the money he put down, he’s not getting it back.

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