Sales of Locally Grown Produce to Increase; Food Shortages Prompt Suicide


Analysts have reported that U.S. sales of locally grown produce have reached $4.8 billion — and they expect that number to hit $7 billion in 2011. 

[Washington Post].
Recent changes to New York’s anti-hunger program hurt some long-established charities, while helping newer nonprofits. 
[Wall Street Journal]
Food shortages have driven more North Koreans to defection, drug abuse, and suicide. 
[Korea Times]

A popular, ready-made curry has been recalled in Britain, after two children contracted botulism from Loyd Grossman-brand korma sauce.

[Daily Mail]
Avenue B might soon be home to another mixology haunt, in the space formerly occupied by White Noise and Uncle Ming’s. 
[EV Grieve]
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