Photos from Occupy Wall Street in Exile at Duarte Square


Representatives of the Granny Peace Brigade were out in force at Duarte Square this morning.

After a chaotic departure in the wee hours of the morning from Zuccotti Park, protesters marched northward, and about 1,000, with their supporters, congregated in Duarte Square at the corner of Sixth Avenue and Canal Street. The mood was relatively mellow as chants were offered, and friends met up and exchanged stories. At 9:30, part of the group broke off and marched down Varick Street, fists raised, in the direction of Wall Street. Here are some pictures taken at 9:30am.

A concrete wall provide a convenient dais for the display of banners (click on image to enlarge).

The media was out in force, interviewing veterans of the early morning raid.

Voice reporter Steven Thrasher blogs via a cell phone connection. Read his piece here.

For once, the drums are silent.

La lucha continua…

At 9:30, some of the protesters broke off and headed southward along Varick Street in the direction of Zuccotti Park.