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Rosie Gray Tweets from OWS Raid — Me: ‘I’m press!’ Lady cop: ‘Not tonight.’ | Village Voice


Rosie Gray Tweets from OWS Raid — Me: ‘I’m press!’ Lady cop: ‘Not tonight.’


Just talked to Rosie Gray, who has been covering this morning’s NYPD raid of Zuccotti Park.

At about 1 am, police showed up in huge numbers to begin a process of kicking Occupy Wall Street protesters out of the park. When reporters, including the Voice‘s Rosie Gray, showed up to cover the raid, they were turned away.

Gray was one of the first to arrive, and her tweet got a lot of attention as news of the raid began to spread:

At 3:45 am, I talked to her after she had stopped at a deli to charge her phone.

“They basically dismantled the entire park. They used box cutters to rip apart tents,” she said.

“The press was not allowed in, even with NYPD press credentials. There were a number of arrests, I’m not sure how many,” she added.

“I’ve never seen so many police in my life.”

Rosie said that protesters were saying that they would regroup in Soho at 7 am, and she plans to be there. In the meantime, protesters and press are dodging the NYPD’s ear-blasting sound cannons and pepper spray.

“I saw probably three vans full of protesters being carted away. Inside the park it’s not that violent, but the police have dismantled all of their shit.”

She added that twice, tonight, she was grabbed or pushed by police, even though she identified herself as a reporter.

I’ll provide updates when I hear from Rosie again.


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