Thirtysomething Women With High IQs Are More Likely to Do Drugs


Well. This may explain some things. Not only are highly educated women more likely to booze it up, women with higher than average IQ scores (“average” is 100) are more likely to smoke weed, do coke, and take ecstasy once they’re in their 30s, according to a study from Cardiff University. This is because women of that age, and those smarts, are “more open to new experiences” and therefore “more willing to experiment with illegal substances.”

The study examined 8,000 British people who had had their IQs tested as kids, asking them about their drug use as teens and then as adults. According to the findings, 30-year-old women with IQs between 107 and 150 “were more than twice as likely to have used illegal substances compared to those with scores of less than 95.”

Men with high IQ scores were also more likely to have dabbled in drugs than their low-IQed compatriots, but the link was not as strong as that for women and drugs.

In a cocaine nutshell, people who are smart think they’re too smart to get hooked. Just, please, ladies, turn off the burner when you’re done, O.K.?

Women with high IQs ‘more likely to take illegal drugs in their thirties’ [Daily Mail]

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