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Andrea Peyser at Zuccotti: “I’m Not as Old As I Look.” (Also, “Fuck You!”) | Village Voice


Andrea Peyser at Zuccotti: “I’m Not as Old As I Look.” (Also, “Fuck You!”)


Here are words we don’t usually type: we can’t wait to read Andrea Peyser’s next column in the New York Post! Yesterday, we had the privilege to watch Peyser in action, as we were waiting at Zuccotti Park to see when it would re-open. She ambushed a Canadian dad who was there with his six-year-old son. Peyser, the lady who is the arbitrar of all things good for parents, clearly thought it was inappropriate and “dangerous” for him to bring his child to Occupy Wall Street, and tried to goad him into admitting as such.

Then, as if in a Spike Lee movie, an Asian man got in Peyser’s face about why she was harassing this Canadian tourist for bringing his son to Zuccotti. “Fuck you!” Peyser yelled at him. The Asian man started calling her an “old lady,” at which point we got our camera out and Peyser replied, “I’m not as old as I look.”

As for the Canadian dad, we asked him what it was like to be Peyser-ized. Turns out he didn’t even mean to walk in on such chaos; he was on vacation, and he and his son were planning to bring jackets to the protestors. However, as they hadn’t turned on the news in the morning, they had no idea that the park was clear. Still, as he explains below, he wouldn’t have thought twice about bringing his son along, whether the Peysers of the world cursed him or not:

“I think that’ she’s hoping the clubs and the mace are going to come out, obviously,” he said, adding, “We’re Canadians, and in Canada, we always bring our children to protests.”

We look forward to seeing how she portrays the father and son.

Update: Peyser’s column is up, and no mention of the Canadian dad! Predictably, she writes with disdain for the protestors (“scum,” in Peyserspeak). Curiously, she writes about “a young woman with a pierced nose and lips — proudly displaying a sign that said, ‘F–k Bloomberg!” ” and leaves out the “u” and “c,” as if she finds that word so coarse that it’s unfit for printing on a sign, let alone on the sacred pages of the Post. But she showed no hesitation in hurling fuck, four letters and all, at the man questioning her ambush of the Canadian dad.

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