The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion


Truculent, defiantly curled-lip, and raucously realized as they may be, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion LPs are no substitute for Jon Spencer Blues Explosion shows. “Blues”—if one understands the blues as old Southern gentlemen weeping into acoustic guitars—is something of a misnomer here; what the group aspires to is a sort of virile electric funk-rock with an extra serving of ‘tude. The codpiece brandishing inherent in rhythmic infections like “Wail” and “Afro” are actualized in concerts of go-for-broke rhetorical fury, post James Brown showmanship, and dudes jumping off amps while striking chords. A great many acclaimed or reasonably acclaimed ’90s bands have reunited lately; JSBX are one of the few you owe it to yourself to catch, because their white-Negro testosterone is almost impossibly life-affirming.

Tue., Nov. 29, 9 p.m., 2011

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