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This Week in the Voice: Ray Kelly’s Secret List, Boring Married People


This week in the Voice, out today: Graham Rayman reveals the existence of Ray Kelly’s list of police officers who cannot be transferred without his personal approval. “The list, which the Voice obtained from an NYPD employee, is part of a 23-page spreadsheet that contains the names of 2,300 officers, their ranks, their ID numbers, old units, new units, and coded descriptions of thousands of personnel decisions throughout the past several years.”

Robert Sietsema takes us on a Malaysian food tour of Sunset Park.

Maura Johnston talks Nickelback, and why everybody hates them.

Rosie Gray asks if Occupy Wall Street can survive without an occupation, a relevant question after Tuesday’s raid.

Jim Hoberman reviews The Descendants, the new Alexander Payne/George Clooney film.

Michael Musto questions whether marriage makes the gays boring.

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