Bloomberg and Kelly Address Today’s OWS Actions


As we noted on the liveblog, there was a tense situation at Zuccotti Park after the march today when a cop was injured, causing police to block off all exits and entrances to the park and trapping people inside. There have also been reports of other cops who had a vinegar-like substance thrown at them.

Mayor Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Kelly just addressed those issues in a press conference at Bellevue.

Kelly reported that there had been 177 arrests today, five for assault. Seven police officers were injured; five had liquid thrown on them and one had a hand injury.

Kelly described the incident in which the officer’s hand was injured at Zuccotti. He said that there was an attempt to arrest people who had moved barriers, and during that situation an object was thrown at the officer. Kelly added that the officers had been released from the hospital.

Bloomberg put the estimated number of protesters at less than 1000, saying that it was “hard to tell.”

“Rest assured that the NYPD is trained for these situations,” he said. “If you’re here in the city and you want to protest, you can.”



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